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Just across the river near the big bridge is the historic Supermarine site where the first Spitfires were built

We just had to call her NeeNaw!

We now have a small presence on the water, a 21 foot pocket rocket, who’s name was suggested by Ben, one of our learners. Thank you Ben!



“FREC 3 was an excellent course. It is going to help the Hamble Lifeboat deliver a far better service to the Solent community. Instructor was excellent!”

G. Houser, lifeboat coxswain


Solent Medical Skills is a leading provider of First Response Emergency Care (FREC) pre-hospital qualifications. At our Southampton centre, we deliver all of the Levels from 3 to 5.

The entry point (FREC 3) is aimed at people who may or may not have previous medical experience and who want to work as a pre-hospital emergency care provider. Both FREC 3 and 4 qualifications are very suitable for high threat environments like close protection, anti-piracy etc and are recognized by the Security Industries Authority (SIA). They are also an ideal way to ensure that your event/workplace medics have the necessary skills to deal effectively with their patients.

Most candidates will have to successfully complete FREC 3 before being allowed onto the FREC 4 course, however if you have NHS training at ECA level or above, you can go straight onto FREC 4. For those with no previous medical experience, you will have to do the full 5-day Level 3 before attempting FREC 4. If you can demonstrate appropriate prior medical learning/experience, you may be able to do the 3-day FPOS-I to FREC 3 conversion course, which should you choose, will ensure you are ready for the FREC 4. This shorter course is particularly suitable for those wanting clinical progression from FPOS-I.

All of these qualifications are regulated by the UK’s qualifications regulator – OFQUAL. No other UK courses suitable for high threat environments (anti-piracy, close protection, NGOs, press etc) are regulated by OFQUAL. This helpfully brings things into line with the regulated security courses overseen by the SIA in the UK.

These qualifications have been clinically endorsed by the Faculty of Pre Hospital Care – The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. FREC 3 fulfils the competencies set out in Prehospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) Skills Framework at descriptor Level D. This means that we can offer Prehospital Care qualifications that are both regulated and clinically endorsed, giving both employers and learners total assurance! In addition, FREC 4 sits on the PHEM framework at descriptor Level E. These qualifications are set to be extremely popular for those looking to progress in a career in the security industry, ambulance services and the event medical industry.

During these very practical courses, learners will get to practise their new skills using up to date equipment and training aids. Underpinning theory will also be taught, so that students will understand why they are using their particular skills.

FREC 3 full-course (5 day) £495. See course details and dates

FREC 3 Conversion from FPOS-I or other verified APL base (3 day) £375. Contact us before booking to confirm that your prior qualifications are sufficient. See dates

FREC 4 £595. See course details and required prior qualifications and dates

FREC 5 taught as 3 x 5-day modules £745 per module. See course details and required prior qualifications and dates

Our instructors are qualified trainers. The majority are ex-military. They are also NHS trained and are very experienced up to IHCD Technician or Registered Paramedic level. Their experience gained from many thousands of hours on frontline ambulances and rapid response cars will be available during these courses. Wherever possible, we also use a UK NHS hospital trauma consultant/trainer to teach some of the advanced techniques on our extended skills days, ensuring learners get the very best training available.


“Very knowledgeable trainer. He always made sure I understood the topic. I am pleased to say – 100% in the 12 lead ECG exam. Thank’s again!”


“The trainer demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the areas covered during observation

J.Baines – Head of Quality Assurance, Qualsafe Awards, EQA visit on a FREC 4 course Nov 2016



The link below is to our medical support partners, who can offer subscription based 24 hr Tele-Medicine. Here, a team of Uk based hospital consultants working on a rota system can be contacted at any time via phone, Skype or sat-phone to give senior advice in remote or hostile settings. This can be life saving and will make it easier for Level 4 holders to be able to use the advanced skills where there is no local doctor support.

“Trainer was a thorough and competent instructor who accommodates all learning styles. I hugely recommend this course”





Solent Medical Skills courses featured in Pathfinder - the original forces resettlement magazine

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Solent Medical Skills featured in Ambulance Today magazine


FREC 3 learners in high spirits last week!
FREC 3 learners in high spirits last week!
Some of our learners from the February, 12-lead ECG CPD day!

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