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“Excellent course, trainer very experienced and knowledgeable. All techniques very relevant and backed up with real life experience”


“Awesome course. Well delivered expert knowledge”


“Really enjoyed the course and found the trainer very knowledgable and interesting. His past profession was valuable when talking about different circumstances and examples. Feel so much more confident now with life threatening scenarios. Good course.”

G.Longdin – FAW

“I’ve learnt so much…… Everyone should do this course!! I feel confident that I could help in an emergency situation and hopefully make a difference when needed!!

J. Higgins – FAW

“The course was great. It covered a lot of information, but the instructor covered it in a way that made it manageable and easy to take in. I left feeling confident that I could use the skills I learnt effectively.

D. Wilcox – FAW

“Well delivered in an easy to understand way.”

M. Rogers – FAW

“Thoroughly enjoyable and informative with an excellent tutor”

D. Simmonds, Teacher, Bitterne Park 6th Form College – FAW

“FREC was an excellent course. It is going to help the Hamble lifeboat deliver a far better service to the Solent community. Instructor was excellent!”

G.Houser, Lifeboat Coxwain

“The whole course was made very simple to understand, yet very informative”

Nichola – EFAW

“Good pragmatic advice, keeping it real and practical”

Wendy – EFAW

“As well as being informative and interesting, this course had a real world focus which I found very useful”

Allison – EFAW

“Thank’s, you made it fun”

Richard – EFAW

“Very helpful and useful course. I’ve learn’t so much”

Janine – PFA

“Lots of extra helpful tips to add to the course material”

Ellie – PFA

“Fantastic course, The trainer was really willing to answer any queries and go into the theory”

William – FAW

“Very good course, lots of learning & confidence instilled”

Alex – FAW

“Enjoyed learning first aid, will be very useful and I feel more confident in helping someone”

Suky – PFA

“Enjoyed it so much better than usual”

Diane – PFA

“Really interesting and good use of trainer experience”

LB, Bitterne Park 6th Form College – FAW

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